10 Side Incomes for Actors


So you really want to become an actor… and you really are an actor at heart.

A lot of people will tell you that it is impossible.  That you shouldn’t do it.  Why bother with that!

A lot of people told me the exact same thing…

But, if this is your goal.  Go for it!  But, there could be some better ways to go about it.

So, if you are already at this point….and are really sure that you want to become a professional actor… keep reading.

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If you are new to the industry…one of the things that you need to know is that 100% you will need.. let’s call them side gigs.  You need to make money while you are building a career as an actor.  Really?  Yes.  Unfortunately, yes.

Building an acting career in 3-4 steps

Hold a few side jobs that are FLEXIBLE..

**that is the main thing

Other points..

Be audition ready.

Learn this through acting classes.


Of course, there are a lot more things that you must do.  This is in a nutshell how to build a career.


Some of these are long term

1. Work as a security guard.  You can do it part time and the pay is generally higher than other jobs.

2. Work as a bartender.  You have the flexibility.

3. Open up an online store.

4. Learn about stocks and invest in them.

5. Work as an extra in film and television.

6. Lawn care. Think about snow shovel and lawn mower

7. Find a flexible sales job or call center job

8. Become a part time teacher (any subject)

9. Check out online shops such as Spreadshop

10. Another possibility is to become an acting teacher!

*as long as there is an industry..teachers will always be needed


Purely remote jobs coming the next blog…

I hope that the side hustles, side gigs in this blog may have helped you.  If it did… tell a friend about my site.  I mean tell one of your actor friends about my site if you think that it might help them.

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-Steve 2022