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**Actor`s Strike**


Lessons in 2023




In the end, wait for your contracts…




The artist has left the building!


What if your skills as an actor didn’t matter anymore?



What if there were less people going to watch movies at the theatre?

Well, this has come true.



Many year’s ago, I can’t remember how long ago now when the public stopped going to watch movies in the theatre…or started doing this less.  That was the beginning of this disaster, in my opinion.


Celebrities that support


Matt Damon

James Cromwell

Fran Drescher

George Clooney…and I’m sure a few more that I’ve missed.


So let’s look ahead.  All of the shows that you enjoy are now on repeat…

What do you do?


In the first couple week’s of the Screen Actors Guild strike that’s disrupting the film and television industries..Hollywood actors have been speaking on and off the picket line about the situation.

**Striking Hollywood stars meet with union to find solutions**
Scenarios with A.I. Technology
When popularity doesn’t matter.  When skill doesn’t matter anymore.  And, your star power (if you have established this) doesn’t matter anymore.
What do you do?
Remember, this is a business.  Think about it..why do you watch movies?
People generally watch movies for one, entertainment, yes, and second likable performers “Actors.”
“Actors that you know and like. As long as you like their work, well you know what I mean.”
“It does go into greater detail with this in terms of skills as an actor..”
But, as long as the people are entertained then they will return and watch more movies with those actors.
Readmore about the Acting Job Requirements and How to become an Actor HERE

The strike has been described by the actor and Sag-Aftra president, Fran Drescher, as a response to an unfair system that’s diminishing and demeaning to performers.



She says“We are the victims here,” she continues..

“We are being victimised by a very greedy entity. I am shocked by the way the people that we have been in business with are treating us.”


It has been said by many just, regular people and also actors in or out of the business… currently, that this decision by the upper level exec’s is a big mistake.


I’m paraphrasing, but really these are the only people that think that replacing actors with AI technology entirely..is a good idea.

Well I guess no one.. especially the audience wants to see “manufactured” or copied images within the motion picture.

So, that’s why I truly think that the performer’s are going to win this.  And, so they should.




The main focus is on base pay for residuals and the use of artificial intelligence within film and television.


Imagine for a moment, that you have spent many year’s working in theatre.  Or just beginning your acting career in school and then moving onto theatre.

Many actors take this road for practice… to build a career.



It takes a long time to build an acting career.




So let’s look ahead….


….You sit down and turn on your television and the shows and movies showing are mostly what you have seen before.  Maybe many times before..

What do you do?

For production Companies it’s all about the budget.



In my opinion..they the media needs you!


Question’s that I have.


Are we all going to enjoy our lives when or if we can only turn to Netflix or YouTube for our entertainment?

And, don’t forget that when the production’s stop..

then what.






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In my opinion..the strike will continue




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