Summer of 2021

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Acting School

Whether you are taking acting classes in Regina, or acting classes in Montreal or Los Angeles…. it’s pretty much all the same thing.  I would say a lot of your success has to do with the amount of work that you put into the craft and of course the teacher that you have.  I did some of my acting classes in Vancouver BC and before that I studied improv comedy in Toronto ON.


Borat (me in the Borat suit)

Actor’s with mustaches

So, sometime in the year 2006 I started doing an impersonation of Borat at a bar as part of me trying to get my act together in stand up.  Yes, I put on the wig and everything with a mustache and suit.  A suit, as in the picture in this article, not the bathing suit lol.  And by that time I had the accent down pat as well.  As good as I could get it.  More about that later on in the article.

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Is all casting legit?

Let’s just say that in the beginning I thought all the casting calls were real.  I’ve learned a lot over time that some people hiring actor’s pretend to be bigger than they are, or more knowledgeable in the field and they are just students.

There are many actor’s who started in student film’s and some of these people can provide quality work for you. But, in the future you are going to want to work on professional productions to improve your reel.

Continue to take part in acting classes and work on your craft and resume.

Network and try to meet the right people that can help you along the way.

So, you might be looking for Casting director workshop’s, or free acting workshop’s in Los Angeles.  That would be a good idea if you live in L.A.  But, I suggest that you get some experience in your city first.

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The latest project below

Watch the film….

“MEETINGS; The Joker and Batman meet Borat(Parody)2018” below


Voice acting….

I discovered that I was pretty good at voice acting and voice impressions around 12 years old.  I put together a radio call in show in which I played the host and the guests, recording this on cassette tape.

Projects I appear in:

1. HOME CHEF TO PRO CHEF (a tv appearance) here

2. If Batman and Superman were lazy (Detective) here

3. Playing with my thing – by Susan Wylde (MV) Lead role (Priest etc.) here

Other Acting and Stand up comedy clips:

1. My Classic Borat Impression here

2. Travel, acting, and standup clips here

3.  More Stand up here