Actors must always be contactable. If you are represented, make sure that your agent has all of your contact details including phone, email, home address, and your emergency contacts. If you a freelancing, make sure your casting profiles have your current contact details.  A few years ago I had applied for a role in a music video.  I can’t remember how I had found the ad but, the artist had called me at around 11 0’clock at night and I was sleeping or about to.  After a short conversation I was hired for the role.  That music video ended up getting over 1 million views.  If I had never answered the phone or they couldn’t reach me, I would have never gotten that gig.   Never be out of reach.

6. Pay money to an agent

Agents should never charge for their services. They take a cut of your work, that is all. They may recommend a headshot photographer or that you sign up to particular casting websites, but don’t ever pay your agent.

7. Give up

If this is something that you really want, and you really enjoy it.  Don’t give up.

8. Listen to negative people

I’ve learned that even though there are some people in your life that you see quite often.  Even on a daily basis that you would consider your “friend,” not everyone wants the best for you.  Some people want you to fail, even though they pretend to support you.  I’ve gone through my fair share of hearing negative comments about me doing stand up.  And I’ve just learned to accept it.  That this is something that is going to happen.  

I’ve even had strangers get mad at me because I was doing it and they weren’t.  And they wanted to.  There was one guy I met at starbucks while I was writing, and he told me he wanted to do it but he got into construction work.  A few days later or maybe even a week later when I saw him at the same starbucks, he gave me this glare and it seemed like he was mad at me.  I am not responsible for the life choices that people make.  Or if someone gets married and they just don’t seem to have time for themselves much anymore.  This is not my fault.

Enjoy the business, 

Have fun! And good luck!

Steve Hopkins