My Early Life

So I’m thinking back now to when I was younger, and even though I wasn’t always a performer….I think I always had an interest in it.  I’m not sure why, or how I became a break dancer in public school it just sort of happened.

I went to an art’s school (high school), and this for some reason seemed to be very popular there in the late 80’s.  Back then I’m sure every school caught the hip hop wave, or I should say rap.  That’s what it was known as back then.  Why am I telling you all this?  I think this is what led to me later on in life wanting to become an actor.  Or this was at least part of the reason.

For some reason when people meet me now as an adult, they find this stuff really hard to believe lol.  Yes, I was part of a breakdance crew at school, and yes, I did DJ some house parties.  So, yeah I know how to scratch and mix songs together.  There is one guy that I still keep in touch with, that knows me from back then because, well, he was one of the guys that taught me how to use the turntables.

There were a couple songs that I was hyped about back then, “Reckless by Ice T and Colours.”  And when the movie Breakin’ street beat came out I was really into that too.  I probably watched it a few times to see the dancing.  Yeah, I was one of those homeboy’s.

When time went by with me getting older and becoming an adult, I basically got out of the scene but it’s still my favourite music today.

When I was breakdancing I think that was the most fun I had in my entire life.  And I was pretty good at it.

Then adulthood came but, before I got out of it I managed to enter a DJ contest at York University, be a part of a rap contest at Jane and Finch Mall and work at a recording studio.  All of this was sometime in the year 1997.  Yup, I said rap contest.

Do any of you remember the song Breakdance Electric Boogie?  A classic back then.

How I learned how to DJ

While some of the people I knew in school or in my nieghbourhood were out causing trouble or getting into drugs, I decided to learn how to mix records.  My first record player was one that I managed to get a hold of through that Highschool friend of mine that I mentioned, and this old style record player came from the AV room at our school.  I think the Tech guy running the audio-visual room was going to throw it out so I grabbed it.

I’m trying to remember how this all happened because this was a while ago.

I believe that my buddy from Highschool already had a set of 1200’s and I bought mine about two years later.  Since he already had his, he taught me a few things like changing the pitch (speed) of either record and weighing down the needle for scratching with a penny or two.  I’m sure we went over this many times at his house until I got it.  There were two other guy’s at my school that influenced me too.  Oddly enough, they were both named Matt.

If they happen to be reading this, I want them to know that this was one of the best times of my life.  One of these two guys also brought me over to his place, many times, (that was in a small town I believe that was a part of Caledon, ON) and we had many DJ sessions.  I don’t know why he took the time with me to do that.  But, I thank him.

Before I had the help of these guys I was scratching at home on the little one I got from the AV room lol.  And before that I was using my Dad’s really old style record player (that would be considered vintage now) to scratch “Another one bite’s the dust.”

So, when I got my own set of Technics 1200’s and then started a record collection from Play De Record, (of  course!), there was no turning back.  I practiced for hours almost everyday because I loved it.

I think I decided to write about this, my early life, because well for the people that don’t really know me this blog post shows the different sides of me and how I grew up.

I’m sure I won some of those breakdancing battles with my crew in school and I’m sure we lost some too.  I know that I didn’t come anywhere close to competing in the rap contest but, I’m glad I did it.  I was taken out after the first round during the DJ contest, but I won a trophy at a breakdance contest with my brother when we both tied for first when they couldn’t choose between us.  You win some, you lose some.

At the end of the day, I’m glad I did all of those things.  Whether I failed or not.

So, yeah I’m old enough to know what a sucka mc is and to see the beginning of a young LL COOL J in “I’m Bad.”

I still listen to him with his newer music, and some of the other artists that I like are Kanye, Drake, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, The Fat Boys, De La Soul, Grand Puba (Brand Nubian), K-Solo, Eric B & Rakim, Boogie Down Productions, Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes from Leaders of the new school, Nice N’ Smooth all the way back to Whodini and Schoolly D.

I’m sure there are a few more I’ve missed.  Oh yeah, who can forget U.T.F.O. and Big Daddy Kane and many more!

This was my life growing up and I hope you enjoyed the blog post.  If you did there are many more to read on this website.

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