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He began acting and performing in many short films and commercials since 2002. My first acting class was in 1997 and from then I continued.

In 2018 some things started changing for him.

In the past he also appeared on real estate shows on the W Network, and on The History Channel in various roles as well as a very short spot on MTV live with Daryn Jones. He had gained some buzz and attention with his performance as “Borat” live on stage at Zemra lounge around 2007 and he dabbled in stand up throughout that time as well.

Some other highlights have been working with Sean Ward on The Sean Ward Show and the current projects that are being released in 2014 with Steve appearing in a comedic short and an on-camera interview as part of a documentary.

He has worked as a model off and on, but has more experience in acting. He has done everything from corporate work, to theater, to music videos, commercials & short films creating a range of work and experience.

He is a funny guy who has the ability to take on every role he wants. He can be dramatic, serious & funny. Some of his current roles are more on the serious/action side which are presently being shot.

Steve Hopkins

Found my love for acting and comedy. I started doing it and getting paid.

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