The Beginning

In the beginning of my acting work I didn’t really know anyone.  But, as time went by I was able to meet a lot more people along the way.  That is the thing about networking in this business.  You just never know who you meet might take you in a direction that you just weren’t expecting at all.

The one thing that I wish I could change about actors in this business is that are some people that want to out shine others.  That’s fine, but it’s in the way that they do it that they end up pushing others down.  In more simple words, if there was less attitude and ego with performers and instead if they just focused on doing their best in any given project, to me, it would be easier to get more work done.  Just my two cents.  So moving on.

Where to start an acting career?

Start taking acting classes to see if this is something that you want to stick with.  This work takes years…

Start auditioning.  Even for student film’s at first.  There are many professional actor’s who started in student film’s.

Put together a good reel.  Get an agent.  That’s basically it.

I’ll discuss later on the reasons why you need an agent.

So, as mentioned above I didn’t really know anyone in the beginning.  Going back to 2005, read My Story here, is when I started out in background work in Toronto and used it to make new friends and network.  For the most part it did help me to get work, and the rest I got on my own.

Gaining Experience in the industry

My very first acting role in a short film was in 2002 and my first television appearance was in 2006.

Let’s continue…

There are a few people that helped along the way by putting me in their music videos, so it was good that I knew them at the time.  We don’t stay in touch as much but, hey, it was cool that they put me in their work.  At that time, it was all understood that none of us were getting paid.  If you’re an actor out there reading this then you know the drill about building up a body of work.  This goes back to the year 2012, somewhere around then.

Sometimes I wonder where things could have gone if I didn’t stop.

These are underground Canadian hip hop artists that I still appreciate and listen to today.

Speaking of that, sometime in 2012 I was a part of one of Classified’s music video’s.  That was a fun thing to do.  It’s just weird thinking back to that day because he wasn’t as well known as he is now.  He is pretty much known now, but still in the underground I guess.  The other thing that’s kinda funny about that is…I just applied to an ad and there I was, on set.  Really cool.

Another person that helped along the way was a guy named Sean that I met sometime in 2011.  Again, this happened when I applied to an ad that said something about him looking for volunteers for his livestreams.  Now, just about ten years later, he’s doing better and way more successful than when he first started.  This is The Sean Ward Show on YouTube.

I believe the first bigger video that I was in with Sean was the superhero thanksgiving video way back sometime (I can’t remember what year), and that’s where I met Chris.  As I got to know Sean he ended up being a pretty cool guy that I sort of thought of at the time as being a cartoonist who was now making videos for Youtube.  That’s how I saw him anyway because he was always drawing his comics.

Coincidentally, I had already known Alex from background work sometime in 2006 and had seen him pursuing stand up comedy back then.  I went to at least one of his shows at Absolute Comedy, and then later on I invited him out to perform where I was doing my thing at Zemra Lounge.  And he came out and did a set.

Then later on he got together with Sean and made Batman’s night out.  And the rest is history as they say.

Why it’s better if you have an agent

An agent is basically the person between you and the casting department.  An acting agent represents you as an artist, and can speak on your behalf to casting director’s.  They keep your headshot and resume on file, and send you out for auditions for roles.  In other words, they have connections (relationships with casting) that you don’t have.  They then speak on your behalf to get you an audition.

You, then take it from there.


I remember going out to a few of their events when they became more popular to support them, even though I’m not really into the superhero thing as much as they are.  It gave me something to do as well.

Gaining more experience

So then I appeared in a couple of their videos with Batman, and even getting punched in the face by him, which was pretty funny.  The last time I acted in one of Sean’s videos was in 2015.  The video was called If Batman and Superman were lazy.  Go check it out.

Now, the next project that I’m going to talk about just sort of happened by fluke.

“Very nice!”

***read My Borat Story here

As mentioned earlier, through meeting Sean some time ago I had met his friend Chris.  So, this is how all this happened.  The Borat movie.  Yes, that is me above in the picture.  So, one day after the event in 2016 (pretty much two years later) we ended up making a film just from one idea.

And that idea was basically Borat (me) getting stabbed by the joker (Chris) when they somehow ran into each other randomly on the street.  I told him this over the phone and he basically said “hey, I think I’ve got something better.”  “Let’s meet up and see what we can come up with around Joker and Borat having a meeting in Toronto.”

I was definitely all for it because it sounded like it could be funny.

Go over to my Blog Page (click here) in the menu to watch the film MEETINGS…

So we decided on a day to do this and I came dressed as Borat and Chris as Joker.  Oh wait, I also remember now that we both stopped into a store along the way to pick up a mustashe.

So we found an alley way nearby, then set up the camera’s and had our “meeting” there.  I still can’t believe how well it turned out when we shot this just using two cellphone camera’s.  We were now set up and rolling.

In the first scene we introduce the characters, what’s taking place and the story begins.  One thing that is really cool about this film is that it was all improvised.  Really, we didn’t have a script we just went with a concept.

Without giving too much away, the film is basically about Borat calling the joker for a job and who he meets along the way.

You never know what can happen with who you know.

Part of it is who you know.

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