Putting it all together..

Do your best to interpret the role from the script and rehearse the whole script (or just your) Go through this over many hours.  Yes, as long as possible.

And, that’s it!

No, really.. lol.  To become a really good actor you need to act.  Obviously..but you might be surprised to know the questions a few people asked me while I was in the business…

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The information and insight that I provide here in…is best for beginners.  Seasoned actors I’m sure are way beyond my advice.  And, also, I am not a teacher.

My list..

*living in the moment

*being that character (do what they would do)

*Act in theatre as long as possible

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a long road…

This was one of my first mistakes, lets say…Live in action!

I only shared this older link on Youtube here

**because I want you to learn from me.  Am I brave?, no, I think not.  Being an actor is about putting yourself out there.

The above video link was myself in a first episode taping of a new talk show that ended right after this pilot clip.  I suggest that you watch it a few times and learn why, and what I could have done better.

…you have to be ready.  Think about it.  If a big time well connected film producer saw you some how.  And was thinking of hiring you for a role.. would you be ready?

Every Role is Training.





**acting is simple in theory

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Welcome to the adventure called Acting…


In the end this was the life that I thought I wanted.  Its been interesting to reflect on the past, and positive things that came out of this work..but I’m done with it.  Art, I mean visual art has become my new focus.  It’s where my happiness exists and that’s where I’m staying.

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-Steve 2022