Pursuing your dreams!

After 10 + years…

It was fun.



Some Highlights…

Stand up comedy (Clip)

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If you haven’t been to my website before..my site is all about teaching the beginner actor what to do and where to start.



My overall history in a nutshell.

I’m not disappointed or angry that I didn’t venture out to Hollywood and stay long term.  I actually let go of it sometime ago and I’ve learned a lot.  Hence, why I write these blogs..to share information.

If it is your dream to become a professional actor then go for it.  This blog is not meant to discourage you at all.  Do it but I’m only suggesting that you put some thought into your plan to succeed.

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MY BACKGROUND in acting…

My first experience with acting was way back in 1997.  A small, community type acting class in Toronto.  I remember that as a good experience.

2002 was my first “break” let’s say.. well no.  Not a break in the industry just a point at which I was reaching new heights.  And at that time I didn’t even know it.

Then there were my television roles in 2006.  They were small but I was working.

A recap

A few Commercials, shorts, web-series, and other film projects mentioned through out my website.

But enough about me.  This blog is for the people that want to learn.

IMDB link here

When I was dreaming, I was dreaming big! Imagine that.

When I was “dreaming,” let’s say, I did get a lot of different reactions from the people around me.  At that time.  A person can do almost anything in life if they apply themselves.  It’s called learning.

If you find you are not good at something then you can move on to something else.

I was a pretty good actor and I’m pretty funny at times.  Comedy is an entirely different animal. But I have done it.


1. Waiter (still a top choice)

2. Call Centre work

3. Any retail work with flexibility

4. Build your own business

5. Admin work

Practically any part time flexible job.  Just look around!..

Something’s that you will find out later on..

Most likely you will need a couple side job’s to survive.  Really? Yeah, that’s the way it is in the beginning when you don’t have the right contacts in the business.  Unfortunately.

Side jobs and holding a job and auditions

I came across this documentary that you might be interested in.  Give it a watch when you have some time.  It’s about life and pursuing your dreams.

YouTube link: Broken Dreams


Networking is really, really important.  So you should have a business card.

More on that a bit later on.

So during my adventure of trying to get a break..

I also realized my worth outside of the acting world.  I don’t have to do this and it was always a choice.

I was really passionate at the time and a real go getter lol.

Where am I now?  I work in a couple different industries now, equalling out fulltime hours and I’m building a business on the side.  Nothing to do with acting


**There are lots of opportunities for work in other industries so I moved on..

If you’re still interested in pursuing acting as a career it can happen.

If you’re interested to take a look

Here are some of my funny clip’s below just for example of what you can do in your career.


Comedy Clips

A Collection: Links below

  1. A Clip from an older set Link here

2. An older rehearsal set here

3. The majority of my acting work/clips here

And finally search Steve Hopkins Yuk Yuk’s in Toronto if you’d like. This was my final set in 2020.

I may not have taken my acting work all the way..so to speak.  But I did do something.

Well, I’ve moved on and got on with my life.  I just felt it was time.



***To learn more about becoming an Actor  readmorehere ***





If you’re curious why I left

I left because… well… basically it can take quite a while and I was getting older.

Like I say, if you are really focused on it.. You can make a career out of it.

Don’t take this as discouragement.  It can happen for you even though it didn’t happen for me.

There are many steps you can take to become a successful actor.  It’s up to you.

**Remember these blogs are for the beginner actor.  Someone with an interest.

If you find that you are way beyond these blogs and this information, feel free to pass it on to someone else that you think can learn from this information.

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