Artists love to create!

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But to summarize 

I was an actor for more than 10 years. It was an awesome experience meeting a lot of new people, and all the opportunities that came from it.

So, that’s why I know you too can do it because I have worked in the industry.

Here’s a link to my past work:

Some Comedy Clips:

Link: AUDITIONS the series 2020 here

It’s like an end of era, and this change was long overdue.

I’m thinking of starting a business in the later on. Who really knows what the future will bring for me.

Promotion time: 

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Below is my new all visual art site.

This site will be live in early September!

The site is up and running..

My new all art website and store

At present..What am I doing now?

I am basically focusing on what makes me happy and living my life the best way that I can. And, that is through selling my original art.

Here is my new bus. card – a work in progress

Back to the drawing board as the saying goes!

A quick sketch I did recently.. but there will be more


No description

During the last 3-4 years my life has gone in a different direction and so I don’t act anymore. There’s a chance I might sell a script in the future but that could happen way down the line. Who knows?!

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